Thursday, November 29, 2007

both dogs stink.

I am sitting in the computer lab at my new apartment with a man and two hound dogs. One hound is huge, and his name is Sherman. I'm a little sweaty, and Sherman keeps coming over to smell my arm pits. Sherman has to lean down to put his nose in my pits; that's how big this dog is. He's lying down now, and looks awfully regal.

The other dog is more like a beagle, but may be half basset hound. He seems awfully overweight and I can't tell if he has an enormous hanging belly, or really short legs. He lies down with his hamhocks hanging out and makes lots of eye contact.

Both dogs stink.

But, I am trying to live an enormous contradiction right now. That means paying too much in rent, for an excessively nice apartment without a roommate--but also becoming so frugal that I won't pay for cable, or internet, or turn the heat up very high. There's more, and it's all very interesting, and lofty, and daunting. I like to think of the astounding strength of insects! Think of the weight an ant can lift! Think of the aerodynamics of the bumble bee!