Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The more crafts, cooking and deep thoughts I have, the less time I can seem to find to post them. It's been a busy week or two--full of Seuss-inspired brunches, resumed knitting projects, banana nut bread, and a new painting routine.


And of course there has been reading, too-namely the Gossip Girl series and Charlotte Allen's WaPo article. I wish that I could get both of them out of my head, but instead tonight I found myself wallowing in despair and over-analyzing Girlicious. It's amazing how they can take three almost-sort-of-empowering songs ("Respect", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", and "These Boots Were Made for Walking") and turn them into three almost-sort-of-stripper routines, the target audience of which--I learned today--is preteen girls.

Yikes, it's hard to keep it positive sometimes, but I guess that is something to strive for--one more reason that it's so important to create our own alternatives.

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