Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lately my internet at home, which I borrow from my neighbors, has been less than reliable. Well, frankly it just hasn't been working. Fine--I've finally been found out and cut off.

Since I have internet at work all day, this wouldn't seem like any big deal. But as the week's gone on, I've gotten antsier and antsier. Finally here I am today, relying on a slow, weak, gone-any-second-now connection...and all I do is check email and Facebook. What did I do on the internet last week, back when I had all the internet I could stand? Email and Facebook. Wait! Before that?! Email, Facebook and YouTube. Wait! Go back even further! Email, Facebook, YouTube and bank statements?

And finally it dawns on me:

I think I used to have a blog.

I am going to do better. I swear.

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