Thursday, January 29, 2009

hot and cold

snowy arlington

On Tuesday it was cold, so I went to my friends' house and made chiles rellenos. Something about snow and frying just goes together.


I am not so good at the whole taking-appetizing-pictures-of-food-thing, but since this is where I seem to expend more and more of my creative time and energy, I'll have to get over it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

rapunzel scarf

long fringe scarf

I used some of the yarn left over from the twin rib scarf to knit up this little number. I wanted to make a scarf with ridiculously long knit fringe, which I achieved by knitting the scarf on the long side, and casting on and binding off tons and tons of stitches.

About half way through, I realized that the "fringe" looked more like tentacles, so I decided that I would have four on each size for a spiffy octopus effect.

After finishing, however, I realized that because of the yarn's color and texture the tentacles/fringe look/s like dreadlocks. It's like a ridiculously long hair scarf. I can't decide how I feel like about that.


capitol at dawn on inauguration day

Once, I learned from WETA/PBS that one of the best views of DC is from the Netherlands Carillon at dawn. Since I don't live so far away, this seemed like something that belonged on my to-do list...but since I like to wake up at after dawn (this is actually my main criteria - I can't seem to sleep in, either) it seemed like a distant goal. The same with the Inauguration - not only would this necessitate my waking up early, I would have to face my mortal enemies, Cold and Crowd.


However, after hearing for weeks about history being made right there under my nose, I reminded myself of the impossible things that happen every day (the strength of insects!) and made it out the door.

to washington


washington monument, 'we are one' concert

On Sunday I went into town for the We Are One concert. I thought it would be a good way to gauge whether I was brave enough for the crowds on Tuesday.

farrugut square

I took the train to the same station I do everyday to get to work. People were streaming down Connecticut Ave through the park.

the mall

I decided that I wasn't up for the Inauguration.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have at least one project to photograph, but I am too embarrassed because if you look in the background you will see the terrible carnage. I have never been the best plant caretaker, but I have really done it this time. My money plant and ti plant are both dead as a doornail. Usually I catch these things before it's too late --closer to the "limp and wilted" phase than the "brown and shriveled phase". I am trying to focus on the resiliency of plants and be truly diligent with watering. I know we can make it!!! The craft blog will have to wait, but I think there's still hope for these two.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


obama metro ticket

It seems like everyone is milking the inauguration for all it's worth. Even Metro has deviated from its tried-and-true panda design to issue this "commemorative" card. The stupidest part is, if you pay exact fare the machine eats your card. Maybe someone has already figured out to preload them with $.05 extra, but I like to imagine a major brouhaha on Inauguration day when on one gets to keep their cards.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

first finished project of 2009!

My first finished project of the year is actually a project I should have finished in time for Xmas (2008). And it's only a scarf. I'm still pleased with the results.


It's this nice fisherman's wool in a nice natural brown - and it's actually a (relatively) cheap craft store yarn. I knit it in twin rib with a few rows of garter stitch border at the short ends.

I'm mega-nervous about grad school stuff right now, so knitting is a good high-anxiety activity right now. Luckily I had the foresight to buy two skeins of this yarn, and ended up only using one for the scarf.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


mitered square lapghan

At this time a year ago, I was working on a mitered square afghan (among many other things). I am pleased to announce that as of October--about one year into the project--it had grown to the size of a lapghan. It is not the most fun project to work on, but a good one to have on hand and I am very pleased with how it is developing and changing.

The photo above became the cover of my portfolio. I am applying to graduate school for fall 2009. It is sort of painful how putting together a portfolio of your creative work leaves no time to actually be totally, freely creative. This is something I've debated quite a bit over the last few years - whether it would be better to work in a "creative field" without tons of "creative freedom" or to work in an "uncreative field" (presumably less demanding than my "creative field") and have time and energy for another "creative outlet". In the end I have chosen to stick with "creative field", mailed my portfolio to a bazillion schools, and harassed people ruthlessly in my quest for letters of recommendation.

After filling in "Fall 2009" on so many applications, it is a little strange to realize that it is 2009 now. It's a year with a lot of uncertainties, but I hope that there will be many opportunities as well. I hope that there will be more opportunities to be creative. And I hope that I will do a better job keeping my room clean.