Thursday, January 1, 2009


mitered square lapghan

At this time a year ago, I was working on a mitered square afghan (among many other things). I am pleased to announce that as of October--about one year into the project--it had grown to the size of a lapghan. It is not the most fun project to work on, but a good one to have on hand and I am very pleased with how it is developing and changing.

The photo above became the cover of my portfolio. I am applying to graduate school for fall 2009. It is sort of painful how putting together a portfolio of your creative work leaves no time to actually be totally, freely creative. This is something I've debated quite a bit over the last few years - whether it would be better to work in a "creative field" without tons of "creative freedom" or to work in an "uncreative field" (presumably less demanding than my "creative field") and have time and energy for another "creative outlet". In the end I have chosen to stick with "creative field", mailed my portfolio to a bazillion schools, and harassed people ruthlessly in my quest for letters of recommendation.

After filling in "Fall 2009" on so many applications, it is a little strange to realize that it is 2009 now. It's a year with a lot of uncertainties, but I hope that there will be many opportunities as well. I hope that there will be more opportunities to be creative. And I hope that I will do a better job keeping my room clean.

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