Thursday, January 22, 2009

rapunzel scarf

long fringe scarf

I used some of the yarn left over from the twin rib scarf to knit up this little number. I wanted to make a scarf with ridiculously long knit fringe, which I achieved by knitting the scarf on the long side, and casting on and binding off tons and tons of stitches.

About half way through, I realized that the "fringe" looked more like tentacles, so I decided that I would have four on each size for a spiffy octopus effect.

After finishing, however, I realized that because of the yarn's color and texture the tentacles/fringe look/s like dreadlocks. It's like a ridiculously long hair scarf. I can't decide how I feel like about that.

1 comment:

becca said...

i cant really get a good look at it since all i can seem to see is your rainbow unicorn shirt. by the way, why is my blog not linked to your blog after you repeatedly reminded me to do so to on mine! hmph!