Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Charlottesville Weekend

Becca, Joy and I seem to have developed an annual tradition of hanging out the weekend before Valentines Day. So this weekend I rousted myself from my bed (where I had nested for the past week with a 3L bottle of ginger ale, which I am embarassed to admit that I polished off handily) and headed for Charlottesville.
We had all kinds of fun, which is available for your viewing pleasure on Becca's Chromat Process blog.

As always, breakfast at Bluegrass Grill was a requirement. I am once again on a quest to make a biscuit as good as theirs. (You can see half of one if you look very closely at this photo.) I've made some pretty good biscuits in my day, but they manage to use at least some whole wheat flour and still come out with a light biscuit. A mystery for the ages.

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