Thursday, February 26, 2009

moss terraria

I started some moss terraria a couple of weeks ago. It has taken a while to get the moisture level right, but I think that I may finally be on the right track. Also, I have to weed out blades of grass and the occasional mushroom, but hopefully that is just a temporary issue.

Basically I just saved some jars, filled them most of the way with marble chips, then some potting soil, then some moss I gathered from the UVA president's lawn when I was down in Charlottesville. I like the jars with the labels on, which is convenient because I think that they are here to stay. I pulled the label off the large jar on the left, and it is one big sticky mess.

I really love this extra long moss. I hope that it will spread out and get really thick, so that when I open the jar it is like looking at a tiny piece of shag carpeting.

I also have a jar of these pine cone flowers that I pick up on my way to and from the metro. I thought that they were called "woodrose", but I just googled that and it turns out I'm wrong. I also looked for "pine cone flower", and again there is no match! So maybe these are sort of precious after all, and I am not a nut for picking them up.


becca said...

pretty pinecones

joy said...

where did you get that little kissing figurine? cuz i have one just like it! dont tell me that either one of us gifted it to the other and i forgot...

the moss looks great! whats wrong with having mushrooms?

melissa said...

I wouldn't mind the 'shrooms except they rot after a day or two and turn into a pile of sludge.

Eric got me the kissing figure in Denmark.