Friday, February 20, 2009


I took a pretty nice picture of my friend Patrick on his porch in Charlottesville a few weeks ago. Actually, I took three nice pictures of some friends in a five minute span, and I have known that I wanted to watercolor them ever since. Tonight, I finally made myself sit down and tackle this one.

I spent over a week sketching this and psyching myself out before I finally sat down, erased almost everything, and gave myself a big pep talk about just letting this thing turn out however it turns out.

I am always struck by how differently I work when drawing or painting from a photo rather than life. When I look at something directly in front of my face, I feel zero interest in creating a life-like, realistic image. When I look at a photo, for some inexplicable reason I feel compelled to reproduce it in exacting detail. This time I tried to let go of some of that.

Since I am seriously not into portraits, it didn't take much.

Next, I'm going to paint what's at the other end of that leash he's holding...

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joy said...

oh my gawd its beautiful!!! i love the contrasting lights and darks, and the unexpected little bits of bright color. youre so good at this!