Monday, March 23, 2009

happy accidents

EDIT: I just had to eat the leftovers of this, and I take it ALL back. DO NOT COOK THIS.

Today I decided to ignore the multitude of post-it notes and Google Calendar reminders stating that I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, March 24 and showed up a day early and read Rachel Ray Every Day magazine until the receptionist finally pointed out my stupidity and sent me home.

Normally, the fact that I wasted an hour and STILL have to go to the dentist would piss me off, but tonight I wound up making a 30 Minute Meal (tm) so delicious that I cannot complain.

RR called this "Caeser Salad Soup", which sounds stupid, and also isn't a very accurate descriptor since I ignored her instructions to make croutons and use romaine lettuce. Instead I

-cooked a bag of mixed greens (chard and kale) in vegetable broth with green olives
-cooked a can of anchovies and can of chickpeas and a few garlic cloves in olive oil
-ate them together with toast

My breath/hands/kitchen/everything will probably stink for days, but this is one of the best beans-and-greens variations that I have eaten in a while.*

*I eat beans-and-greens almost exclusively October through November and March through April. I am embarrassed to admit that I have been so busy that I got started a little late this year.** Nutrition! I have missed it.

**I also feel like I am missing the narrow window for spring onions and asparagus, because I have missed and will miss the farmer's market every damn Saturday this spring.


becca said...

So what do you eat from November to March?

melissa said...

squash-based foods.