Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kettle Corn

Last night I got home from my big trip to Ann Arbor and made this delicious bowl of popcorn:

Yes, it was seriously as burnt as it looks (and that blurry, too). I would like to tell you that I threw it away and sat down to a nutritious dinner of lentil soup, but that would be lying. Instead, I reminded myself that burnt caramel is a hot yuppie flavor, and if I ever want to be cool, I will have to learn how to eat it without grimacing (sort of like how I have to learn how to drink sake without gagging).

I am on this mission to make kettle corn at home because I have gotten hooked on this stupid high-end brand that sells for OVER TWO DOLLARS a bag at the convenience store downstairs from my office. It is infuriating to imagine that I could probably make the same product for pennies, and that the massive food conglomerate that probably owns (or will probably soon own) this stupid high-end brand probably makes it for even less.

But this effort seriously sucked.

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