Sunday, March 22, 2009

moss terraria update

My moss terraria have made it almost a month since my last post, and some are faring better than others.

The terraria using plastic bottles and jars, with potting soil only (ie, no marble chips and therefore no drainage) are doing very well.

It is difficult to photograph, but there is a really great, very delicate moss in my 2 liter bottle terrarium.

The moss terraria with drainage media are a little disappointing, and this one has some kind of mold. In retrospect, I guess that this is a no-brainer, since moss doesn't typically grow in well-drained areas. But the internet told me to do it.

This is the long moss that I had such high hopes for. It really isn't doing well. I am hoping to find time this afternoon to do some emergency surgery and take the stone out and save the moss. We'll see.

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joy said...

pretty pictures!