Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is not much to look at now, but I have started a container garden out on the balcony. Last year, before I even knew him very well, I thrust a small variety of tomato plants on Eric, and for the entire summer each visit to his house involved wading through the vines and gorging myself on cherry tomatoes. Because apparently he doesn't even like them.

This year, I am doing it for myself, and I picked up four cherry tomato plants at the farmers market and re-potted them just in time for the massive heat wave of April 2009. Seriously, maybe I am just building myself up for future disappointment, but I cannot believe how much these dudes have grown already.

And do you see that! Right there! That pale thing! It's a flower bud...which will one day be a flower...and one day...after that...A CHERRY TOMATO!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I am taking care of my own damn garden this summer! And by garden, I know...

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becca said...

haha thats a great clip. beavers and bush and sandpit?