Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm working on a big project.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Where have I been? Since when can you go on google and search for images by color? This is awesome. I love the internet.

I will try, really hard, to make a vagina-free post soon. I don't know what my deal is. I just wanted to demonstrate the awesomeness: there are vagina image results for every color! How does it work? I can't imagine there are that many images labeled "blue vagina"... or are there?

Monday, May 4, 2009

one more

One more part of "Through the Flower" I love (still marked in the book from last time I checked it out of the library).

“ Then, Mimi and I looked at work together, examining paintings and sculptures of women known and unknown, concentrating on those who had worked abstractly. From our experiences as artists, we both had an understanding of how to look for the hidden content in women’s work. What we discovered in our studies and later, in our studio visits overwhelmed me; and reinforced my own early perceptions. We found a frequent use of the central image, often a flower, or abstracted flower form, sometimes surrounded by folds or undulations, as in the structure of the vagina. We saw an abundance of sexual forms—breasts, buttocks, female organs. We felt sure that what we were seeing was a reflection of each woman’s need to explore her own identity, to assert her sense of her own sensuality, as we had both done. But ‘…the visual symbollogy…must not be seen in a simplistic sense as “vaginal art.” Rather…woman artists have used the central cavity which defines them as women as the framework for an imagery which allows for the complete reversal of the way in which women are seen in the culture. That is: to be a woman is to be an object of contempt and the vagina, stamp of femaleness, is despised. The woman artist, seeing herself as loathed, takes that very mark of her otherness and by asserting it as the hallmark of her iconography, establishes a vehicle by which to state the truth and beauty of her identity.’*

*Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, “Female Imagery,” Womanspace Journal, Vol. I, No. 3 (Summer 1973, pp. 11-14 “

Chicago, Judy Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist. New York: Authors Choice Press, 1975, 2006 (143-144)


Since I spend more time reading google analytics than I do updating my blog, I know that most people who find this blog are actually looking for the text of Faith Wilding's "Waiting". Since it is a poem that I find myself wanting to reread on a regular basis and it's so dang hard to find the full text anywhere on the internet, I decided to check out Judy Chicago's "Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist" one more time, and post it here.

But it turns out that you can read "Waiting" by Faith Wilding on her website after all! It just doesn't show up in a Google search. So, now that you have read that poem and realized she's the bomb... Go to her website!

Waiting by Faith Wilding

by Faith Wilding
(A female voice speaks in passive, plaintive tone, childlike at first, becoming almost desperate at adolescence, tender at motherhood, and then very slow and cracked in age.)

Waiting for someone to come in
Waiting for someone to pick me up
Waiting for someone to hold me
Waiting for someone to feed me
Waiting for someone to change my diaper. Waiting…
Waiting to crawl, to walk, waiting to talk
Waiting to be cuddled
Waiting for someone to take me outside
Waiting for someone to play with me
Waiting for someone to put me on the toilet
Waiting for someone to read to me, dress me, tie my shoes
Waiting for Mommy to brush my hair
Waiting for her to curl my hair
Waiting to wear my frilly dress
Waiting to be a pretty girl
Waiting to sit on Daddy’s lap. Waiting…
Waiting for my new school clothes
Waiting for someone to take me to school
Waiting to stay up until seven o-clock
Waiting to be a big girl
Waiting to grow up. Waiting…

Waiting for my breasts to develop
Waiting to wear a bra
Waiting to menstruate
Waiting to read forbidden books
Waiting to stop being clumsy
Waiting to have a good figure
Waiting for my first date
Waiting to have a boyfriend
Waiting to go to a party, to be asked to dance, to dance close
Waiting to be beautiful
Waiting for the secret
Waiting for life to begin. Waiting…
Waiting to be somebody
Waiting to wear makeup
Waiting for my pimples to go away
Waiting to wear lipstick, to wear high heels and stockings
Waiting to get dressed up, to shave my legs
Waiting to be pretty. Waiting…
Waiting for him to notice me, to call me
Waiting for him to ask me out
Waiting for him to pay attention to me
Waiting for him to fall in love with me
Waiting for him to kiss me, touch me, touch my breasts
Waiting for him to pass my house
Waiting for him to tell me I’m beautiful
Waiting for him to ask me to go steady
Waiting to neck, to make out, waiting to go all the way
Waiting to smoke, to drink, to stay out late
Waiting to be a woman. Waiting…
Waiting for my great love
Waiting for the perfect man
Waiting for Mr. Right. Waiting…

Waiting to get married
Waiting for my wedding day
Waiting for my wedding night
Waiting for sex
Waiting for him to make the first move
Waiting for him to excite me
Waiting for him to give me pleasure
Waiting for him to give me an orgasm. Waiting…
Waiting for him to come home, to fill my time. Waiting…
Waiting for my baby to come
Waiting for my belly to swell
Waiting for my breasts to fill with milk
Waiting to feel my baby move
Waiting for my legs to stop swelling
Waiting for the first contractions
Waiting for the contractions to end
Waiting for the head to emerge
Waiting for the first scream, the after birth
Waiting to hold my baby
Waiting for my baby to suck my milk
Waiting for my baby to stop crying
Waiting for my breasts to dry up
Waiting to get my figure back, for the stretch marks to go away
Waiting for some time to myself
Waiting to be beautiful again
Waiting for my child to go to school
Waiting for life to begin. Waiting…

Waiting for my children to come home from school
Waiting for them to grow up, to leave home
Waiting to be myself
Waiting for excitement
Waiting for him to tell me something interesting, to ask me how I fell
Waiting for him to stop being crabby, reach for my hand, kiss me good morning
Waiting for fulfillment
Waiting for the children to marry
Waiting for something to happen. Waiting…
Waiting to lose weight
Waiting for the first gray hair
Waiting for menopause
Waiting to grow wise

Waiting for my body to break down, to get ugly
Waiting for my flesh to sag
Waiting for my breasts to shrivel up
Waiting for a visit from my children, for letters
Waiting for my friends to die.
Waiting for my husband to die. Waiting…
Waiting to get sick
Waiting for things to get better
Waiting for winter to end
Waiting for the mirror to tell me I’m old
Waiting for a good bowel movement
Waiting for the pain to go away
Waiting for the struggle to end
Waiting for release
Waiting for morning
Waiting for the end of day
Waiting for sleep. Waiting…