Friday, June 26, 2009

ease on down the road

I read more articles about Michael Jackson and race today than I can remember.

It all reminds me of my first firm memory of really knowing who Michael Jackson was - I was watching The Wiz, and I could not understand why my mom kept telling me that the Scarecrow was played by Michael Jackson, when that clearly was NOT the Michael Jackson I was familiar with. I think that was probably the first conversation about race, gender, and cosmetic surgery that my mother and I ever had.
I think that's a pretty good legacy.

A few years ago, my brother went through a MJ phase. I remember him asking, "Let me get this straight: a skin condition caused his skin color to change, but personal choice caused him to look like a woman? ...Got it." I guess we learned a lot from Michael Jackson in the Elliott household.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since I love celebrity gossip, i've run across this tidbit a few times (between Jon and Kate stories). Unlike the rest of the internet, not only do I not think that this is gross, I hope that it becomes a new trend.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

love this picture

Today at Dupont Circle.

Friday, June 12, 2009

container garden update

I should be washing my face, packing my lunch, and heading off to work... but how about a container garden update instead. Shall we?

Here is a shot of the whole gang: I have four cherry tomato plants, two pots of basil, one pot of oregano, one pot of thyme, and that long thing is full of parsley. Not bad for about six weeks. I am pumped for those tomatoes to ripen up.

Unfortunately in my typical lazy fashion I did not support my tomato vines, and one of them has almost totally broken. Repeatedly. I think I made it worse this morning. But, I figure that these guys are tough -- or I can eat some fried green cherry tomatoes and move on with my life.

All four of the plants have fruit on them now, which is an exciting development! They also all have aphids (those little white dudes you see in the picture), so I will have to invest in a few pots of marigolds and see if I can drive them out. It would be nice to have some flowers.

And, in closing, here is a completely gratuitous close-up of thyme. I have this new thyme obsession, so I am glad to see that it is doing well. Thyme and tomato plant are probably two of my favorite smells. Sometimes I just stand out there and sniff to my heart's content. It is really good. And it makes up for the lousy view of ugly Courthouse architecture. Sometimes I imagine what it was like when this building was new, and none of the tall buildings in Courthouse had gone up. But that is a post for another day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

another little project

Another little project is this little quilt I whipped up for a friend who is having a baby. The nursery has a "jungle babies" motif, so this has monkeys and bananas, and the backing is giraffe print.

Making stuff for babies is satisfying because it's so quick and small. I'd like to do another one of these. I'd like to do lots. And thusly, my biological clock begins to tick.


My Dolly Parton craze began in elementary school when I saw this fine film on an airplane:

And this year, a long-held dream finally came true...


So, if it seems like I have been neglecting my blog, it's because I was busy teasing my hair and sewing my skin-tight denim outfit.

(And no, I did not actually see Dolly...

...but I did meet her kinfolk!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

high water

It rained almost constantly in May.

The pattern seems to be repeating in June. The Potomac is really high.

Same with the C & O Canal. I'm tired of carrying an umbrella.

In other news, they are filming Real World DC. This has me strangely excited.