Wednesday, August 12, 2009

anachronistic laptop sleeve

My gentleman caller loves to tell me that I am an anachronism because I like doing things like canning pickles and using the term "gentleman caller".


Well, I have gone and given him another piece of ammo:


That's right, it is a handmade laptop sleeve! Of course, I have seen these many times before, but even I have to admit that mine may be among the most ridiculous.


This is a quilted flannel laptop sleeve. With hi-loft batting. My laptop is not just protected; it is swaddled in a soft comforter.


There was a scary phase where it really looked like a diaper bag, but I think that in the end it turned out okay. As for the print, I liked the whole green, leafy really says to people, "HEY! Important future landscape architect at work here!" But, on closer inspection all of the leaves are ternate! Friggin' poison ivy is everywhere I look.

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