Monday, January 18, 2010

quick watercolors


I feel like I am really out of practice. I wish I had the self-discipline to do a quick little painting every day, but right now I don't have the self-discipline to fit into my jeans.


it wasn't looking pretty, but swizzy i'm still here


Well, it has been two months but somehow I talked myself into finishing the semester. In fact, I talked myself into trying to finish next semester. Then I talked myself into updating this blog, but it took two really lousy gimlets to get me here today.


It was good to get back to DC for the break. I've never actually liked DC, but you know what Joni Mitchell says... I really like this big metal tree in the sculpture garden on the mall. I spent a while wondering why this sycamore looked so bright and so weird before I figured out that it was a metal tree. Wow, thanks Woody Plants ID course...


In other news, everything I cook still looks like puke. BBQ tofu over stew of sweet potatoes, greens and beans.


Lemon basil tempeh pizza. On the bright side, at least I have a table to eat at now.